Solitude Part Five

My mama’s birthday brought me back to the Motor City in March. Do the family thing, get a little loving from my man, and I was set.
Or setting myself up for failure. My aunt had taken my mom out to a get together at 6pm, and I had the house to myself. I was waiting for Mason to get me to take me to his place. It was 7, 8, 9, 10pm when he pulled up in his brand new Chevrolet. I was livid and sex-deprived, normally a good combination for us but not that night. I asked what took so long, he knew when I’d be ready. Once more, he was out with his friends. Funny how he always made so much time to see people he sees every damn day and can’t even be on time to see his girlfriend who lives 8 hours, four states, two turnpikes, and a 225 dollar plane ticket away; hijinks quickly ensued.
I was determined this time; I was not backing down, I wanted more time with and attention from my man. He tried to trip me up, selling me more bullshit, but I refused to buy it. Then he flipped it on me for real. Told me that I’d changed; gotten some new hair and a new attitude, that I could’ve managed my money better to visit more since I wanted to see him so badly. Then he said he needed space, I was putting too much on him and just didn’t have the time to deal with me right now. My head spun, I was definitely twisted around. By the time I began to realize what was going on, that I was being dumped, he had fired up his SUV and pulled off. Just like the carnival ride, the bottom dropped out from under me, but I didn’t have a wall to stick to.
The next three months were filled with tears, wonderment, and appall. I refused to call him. He was the one that needed to come around and realize he was wrong. I was not going to beg. Eventually he would come around. He’d show up at my doorstep and take me in his arms, apologize and make love to me all night. My mama told me to just give him the space and he’ll come around. My friends were shocked; said that we were so cute together. We’d work it out. Just wait, he’d come around. Come around. Come around. Come around.



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